It is a 100% Mexican seal of Licores Veracruz, a company that with its fifth generation working the art of mezcal, diversifies and enhances its DIVINO brand. The Divino name is a tribute to the majesty and leadership of the pre-Hispanic peoples, a recognition to ancient Mexico. The icons on the Mezcal Artesanal Blanco Divino label reflect the process of making and meaning of mezcal. The power of fire is reflected, with the cooking of the heart of the agave. The sun and the moon staged in the upper part, represent the passage of time, the sowing and harvesting cycles, the evolution of day and night, primordial periods on its development and life of an agave plant. Around the sun and moon, there is smoke from the cooking process, the mouths emphasize the smoky flavor of mezcal. The falling drops personify the already distilled mezcal. The jaguars on the label, evoke the great character of this drink. Finally, the symbols of speech and / or communication found on the label are symbolic of a mezcal that speaks for itself, tells stories, in each drink one can realize all the elements that they constitute: time, nature, type of maguey, the human hand and the mysticism of this drink.
Divino Mezcal with worm is the same Mezcal that is found in Divino with Pear, but in a more traditional presentation. The worm lives in the agave plant and is typically placed in the Mezcal to define it as authentic. It is considered a right of passage to eat the worm.
Divino Single Barrel is a limited edition Mezcal, with only 1300 bottles per batch. The bottles are numbered and dated by hand. The Mezcal is produced using a single barrel system, and is aged double the amount of time of the official Mexican Norm for aging Mezcals. The Mezcal is aged in antique white oak barrels. Carefully elaborated with selected 100% Agave Espadín and distilled in Matatlán, Oaxaca. It is an exquisite Oaxacan mezcal, that remembers the matured and baked agave. Its entry has character, with fresh, herbal and smokey mineral notes, with depth, balance and final stay, resulting in Golden hue liquid, which is transparent and brilliant, with body and slow runoff in your glass. It has been certified by the Mezcal Regulatory Council.
This unaged Mezcal is produced in the traditional but less well known method referred to as pechuga. Although pechuga literally translates to “little chicken breast” which is sometimes used with Mezcal, however, our pechuga is Mezcal with a pear in the bottle.
Mezcal Artesanal Lajita Blanco is for the Polished Palate. Each bottle is numbered and dated by hand. It is handcrafted with 100% selected agave “Espadinas.” Distilled in Matalan, Oaxaca and certified by the Mezcal Regulatory Council. Awarded the Gold Medal in “The Tequila and Mezcal Masters 2018” competition. It is a crystal clear and brilliant liquid, with body and slow runoff in the cup. It has a fresh and smooth balance of the traditional Agave “Espadin” with gentle floral notes, smokey and some mineral aromas that evoke their lands. Offers an exquisite balance between flavour and aroma.
Lajita Mezcal Reposado is a premium Mezcal made from 100% Agave. In 1997 it was named the best mezcal in U.S. market. Lajita is aged 5 months and it is 100% agave. Lajita is excellent due to the smooth, fine taste.
Mezco Mezcal is a golden mezcal made from vodka & spirits distilled from the finest agave. Developed to be a new agave spirit that has a great price and can be used for multi-purpose. Using agave and a neutral grain spirit gives Mezco versatility for new and traditional drinks.
Morales Mezcal is the newest addition to the beloved Morales family. Made from 100% Espadin Agave this artisinal mezcal is made in small batches to bring you an ultra premium product! Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL craft packaging, its sure to be an eyecatcher on any shelf!
Mezco Mezcal is a platinum mezcal made from vodka & spirits distilled from the finest agave. Developed to be a new agave spirit that has a great price and can be used for multi-purpose. Using agave and a neutral grain spirit gives Mezco versatility for new and traditional drinks.
In 1984 a consignment of distilled spirit made 100% from Agave Angustifolia haw, also known as Agave Espadín– (the plant from whence Mezcal originates) arrived at the Licores Veracruz cellars. As it was being decanted, the young Josė Villanueva Barragán noticed the extraordinary aroma of this new arrival, and asked his parents’ agreement to keep some of this distillate for the future and age it further in oak barrels. And so it was that 17 European antique white oak casks were set aside containing approximately 2900 litres of mezcal spirit, to quietly age in the Licores Veracruz cellars for many years. In fact so many years passed, that over time, the cellar masters came and went, and the consignment of 17 barrels was forgotten about. While clearing a part of the old cellars, these forgotten casks were re-discovered and 30 years later, after the angels had taken their share of the original 17casks, only the equivalent of 5 barrels remained. Thirty years on, José Villanueva Barragán finally opened a cask for tasting, and described the liquid as magnificent and quite unique. Naturally he decided it was time to bottle it and show it to the world.


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