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There is nothing that represents Texas life, music and history more than the Frio River of South Central Texas. Names by Spanish settlers, in the 1600’s, “The Frio (meaning cold) River.” The constant flow and cool water of the river comes from the deep, ancient natural springs with the purest of water used in our premium vodka. We produce this handcrafted product in small batch pot stills, which meets the high standards of Texans. Distilling the vodka seven times, as opposed to standard three, allows for the most pure liquid to be bottled. The Frio’s natural beauty, rich history and Texas culture are embodied in our product, so please give the product a try.
Oski Polar Bear Vodka is a sensational eight times distilled Ukrainian vodka. Made from harvested grain that is minimally processed for fermentation, then blended with water from ecologically clean natural limestone spring with a low PH for perfect balance and taste. From there it is filtered five times for maximum purity. No chemical agents are used in the fermentation process. This leaves us with a nice, balanced mouth feel and pleasing flavor perfect for your cocktails. Polar Bear Vodka supports the Save the Polar Bear Fund through the World Wild Life Fund.
The proud winner of:
  • Gold Medal Winner Warsaw Spirits Competition 2019
  • SFWS Silver Medal 2020
  • Proof Awards Bronze Medal 2020
From Texas’ largest distillery comes Liberty County Vodka, a Texas Craft Vodka made in small batches and distilled six times. This revolutionary spirit is a great liquid representation of what it means to be Texan.
March 7, 1901, the Twenty-Seventh Texas Legislature adopted the bluebonnet as the Texas State flower. The flower’s popular name derives from its resemblance to a sunbonnet. Bluebonnets now grow along most major highways throughout the state in late March and early April and is found mostly in limestone outcroppings throughout Texas. Indian folklore called the flower a gift from the Great Spirit. We believe we have bottled that “Great Spirit” that truly embodies the Great State of Texas.
190 Red Proof Alcohol is a great commodity spirit. Distilled from sugarcane it is a great way to boost the strength of any cocktail. Made in Mexico and imported by Dubai Island International Corp of Brownsville, Texas.
Triple distilled and filtered 10 times, this imported vodka is available at a great price!
Volska Vodka is an American Vodka produced in the fifth ward of Houston, Texas. this vodka is one of the best values in the State of Texas and is one of the fastest growing brands in the market. Because it is a great value, everyone should give it a try. 
This Texas vodka bottled in historical Houston Texas is bottled ay the site of the battle of San Jacinto that freed Texas after the Alamo. Therefore, this product is truly containing the “Zen of Texas” from its original founding. This product is distilled five times and it is the best priced vodka produced in the State.
Our Hijos de Villa line of tequilas represent the Mexican Heritage by creating bottles that are unique yet have the revolutionary spirit of Pancho Villa and Zapata. Now available in vodka, our patented glass molds are unique and make great collectables and gifts.


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