From the stills of Houston’s Gulf Coast Distillers comes the revolutionary leader of the Giant pack with a rich, intense, yet smooth flavor that will tempt your taste buds from the first sip, meet Giant Texas Bourbon. Giant is a rye heavy bourbon that contains hints of vanilla & caramel perfectly crafted with notes of apricot. Easily enjoyable straight up or on the rocks. Giant Texas Bourbon 80º is a proud Silver Medal Winner of the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
This Canadian whisky was inspired by our Polar Bear Vodka. In Northern Canada you can see this majestic animal in one of nature’s most beautiful and remote environments. Our whisky though gives ode to one of the most treasured animals in the animal kingdom. This whisky embodies Canada and is one of the smoothest that you will ever try.
The king of bourbon is finally here! From the heart of one of the bourbon capitals, Tennessee this brand new bourbon will take your glass by storm. A great addition to any of your favorite cocktails, or even perfect to enjoy on the rocks!
The king of bourbon is finally here! From the heart of one of the bourbon capitals, Tennessee this brand new bourbon will take your glass by storm. A great addition to any of your favorite cocktails, or even perfect to enjoy on the rocks!
Every great creation begins with a journey and Select Club Special Reserve 91 Proof is no exception. The process begins by selecting the finest corn and rye North America has to offer and introducing this proprietary mash bill to pristine, fresh water. After an intensive aging process in the finest American Oak Bourbon barrels available, Select Club 91 completes its journey by being carefully transferred into its artisan decanter. This craft process is what gives Special Reserve its complex, distinguished flavor making it a contender amongst the best imported and domestic whiskies out there.
Select Club Apple Whisky is a flavor filled Canadian Whisky. The apple flavor balanced with our smooth whisky creates an easy to sip spirit even for non-whisky lovers! A proven favorite when tasted against the competition. This whisky is the apple of our eye!
A great line extension with a classic American goody that absolutely everyone enjoys, Pecan Praline Select Club Whisky! This butter-pecan- caramel treat is a favorite and our formula, although not overly sweet, has a beautiful aroma and an unforgettable flavor that will get everyone hooked! Also available in a delicious natural apple flavor and 91 proof for real whisky drinkers!
Texas Select Club Whisky is crafted to represent the quality Texans expect and deserve. This whisky is truly "Select" and, like Texans, a cut above the rest. Texas Select Club is a blend of the finest rye and corn whiskies, aged 4-6 years in American White Oak Bourbon Barrels and finished with a hint of sherry. This complex, craft process produces the unique distinguishably Texan flavor found only in Texas Select Club Whisky. Welcome to the Club!
It is our great pleasure to craft Southern Select Club Canadian Whisky to celebrate the rich heritage of the South, known for its beautiful land and hospitable people. This whisky is truly unique because of the ultra-premium ingredients that are added during the distilling process. We select only the finest corn and rye, then slow age your whisky in American-Oak Bourbon barrels. Crafting Southern Select Club this way is what gives it a distinguished, smooth, mellow and creamy taste. We are confident that you will enjoy every sip as much as we enjoyed making this fine whisky for you.
Wildcatter 8 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a product that Mexcor is reviving from the dead. Wildcatter is a nickname for oil prospectors. This “revival” brand’s story goes: William “Billy” Banks, a Texas oil tycoon, was a character larger than life and was nicknamed “King of the Wildcatters.” Another icon, Wildcatter Bourbon Whiskey, created by Mr. Banks who was a great lover of Bourbon. He introduced Wildcatter Bourbon Whiskey in the early 1950s promising that if the venture failed, he’d drink the inventory himself.
Our line of state themed Select Club Canadian Whiskies are a fun way to celebrate your state’s spirit! This 4 year old Canadian Whisky is smoother than other Canadians and costs less. The packaging is truly upscale and the whisky is even more so. The series of “State” Select Club Whisky’s was developed to capture the local consumer by appealing to their sense of pride and their past, present or future connection to the state.
This Ultra Premium Canadian Whisky will wake up your pallate in a BIG way! Distilled and blended in Canada under the supervision of the Canadian Government, you know this product has to be good, eh? Big Horn is available in 80 and 90 Proof in 750 ml and 1.75 L.
Made especially for the great State of Texas. This 4 year old Canadian Whisky is smoother than other Canadians and costs less. The packaging is truly upscale and the whisky is even more so. Texas Crown Club is produced to recognize the spirit of oil exploration and production that is commonly associated with Texas. Texas Crown Club is proudly Texas owned and its available in 50ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1.75L.
The flask as we know it today dates back into the 18 century. Throughout the years, people have filled these flasks with their favorite liquors. Reserva de MFM took the idea to create a full ready-to-serve, hip flask of premium Canadian Whisky for all the flask aficionados. What is better than buying a typical empty flask in the store? Buy a ready to serve flask with limited edition 1965 whisky to enjoy by yourself or to share with others. The best part is it can be refilled and reused after you finish the delicious juice inside!
On March 7, 1901, the Twenty-Seventh Texas Legislature adopted the bluebonnet as the Texas State flower. The flower’s popular name derives from its resemblance to a sunbonnet. Bluebonnets now grow along most major highways throughout the state in late March and early April and are found mostly in limestone outcroppings throughout Texas. Indian folklore called the flower a gift from the Great Spirit. We believe we have bottled that “Great Spirit” that truly embodies the Great State of Texas.
Skillfully handcrafted at Houston’s own Gulf Coast Distillery, Four Oaks Texas Blended Whiskey is the newest Texas Bourbon to hit the shelf!
Giant 95 Proof Bourbon Potstill is aged slowly in American Oak barrels in the heart of Houston. This beautiful potstill contains an ultra premium Bourbon with hints of long lasting spice and smoothness. With innovative small batch bottling techniques we are able to bring you this ultra premium Bourbon that features bold, Texas-bread flavors and a spicy aroma.
Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey in a Flask, wrapped in smooth leather. This unique packaging looks amazing and truly differentiates this product on the shelf. Not to mention it makes a smooth gift!
Billy Banks Single Barrel Cask Strength 113 Proof Whiskey is full of caramel and subtle chocolate notes. There is a hint of citrus and spice you will detect as well. The barrel aging provides our whiskey a warm yet soft vanilla sweetness on the finish.
Corn - 75% | Rye - 21% | Barley - 4%
Billy Banks Single Barrel Rye is a 100 Proof 100% Rye Whiskey that begins with a rich aroma marked with spices like ginger and nutmeg. The taste then turns to a subtle sweetness of vanilla and honeysuckle that give way to the rich spicy rye flavors. This is a big full-flavored whiskey.
Rye - 100%
Billy Banks Sour Mash Whiskey is another expression in our Single Barrel Series. Our whiskey is a Lincoln Country Process Tennessee Whiskey that’s been cut at 80 proof. The taste is rich with hints of apple cider juice and vanilla and a lingering sweetness on the finish.
Corn - 80% | Rye - 10% | Barley - 10%
Made for the working man, this bourbon is perfect to enjoy after a long hard day. Made in small batches in the heart of Houston’s East End district, Roughneck is a true Texas craft bourbon available at a great price point for this category! You work hard enough let your bourbon do the work for you after hours so just sit back, relax and enjoy a glass!
This Texas masterpiece was honored with a 92/100 rating from Forbes. Distinct wood flavors with notes of vanilla and caramel make up Giant Texas Bourbon’s Special Reserve 91 Proof Gold Label and is as smooth as they come. The aromas also feature hints of allspice for an all-around rich and well-balanced bourbon. The proud recipient of a Double Gold Medal from the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
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