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The Brand’s First Exportation Outside of Mexico with Texas-Based Distributor
HOUSTON (FEBRUARY) Mexcor International, a Houston-based importer and distributor of the finest spirits and beverages from around the world, continues to build its reputation as one of the largest Hispanic brands importers in the United States with the announcement of being the first distributor outside of Mexico to begin carrying Tonayán. “It is a huge milestone for our company to become the first distributor for Tonayán outside of Mexico,” said Eduardo Morales, President and CEO of Mexcor International. “This announcement further strengthens our position of being a leading distributor for Hispanic brands, and we look forward to continuing the diversification of our portfolio by bringing brands like Tonayán to further their brand exposure here in the United States.”
Held locally for many years with 1.5 million cases moved annually in Mexico, Tonayán is the country’s best kept secret. It was created in 1958 in a small town called Jalisco, a state in western Mexico known for its tequilas. The creator of Tonayán, Don Federico Paz Osorio, dedicated his life to the production of agave and sugarcane spirits. Envisioned as a Mexican only drink, it is the first time the brand will be exported to the United States under Mexcor International.
Tonayán is a combination of sugarcane and agave spirits caramelized and sweetened with a transparent yellow appearance. Locals most commonly enjoy the liquor in the form of “aguas locas,” an alcohol laced fruit punch.
Since 1989, Mexcor International has continued to grow its portfolio to more than 4,900 brands from over 80 countries, with 480 new brands in the last year alone. With more than 100 suppliers and growing, Mexcor International has a substantial national sales network, currently extending to 50 states, and directly distributes thousands of items through warehouses in Texas, Florida, California and Louisiana. Additionally, Mexcor hires their own employees and inventory is serviced by a fleet of company-owned and operated, refrigerated delivery vehicles which facilitates the company’s scalability and ensures every touch point of the business stays true to the core values.
About Mexcor International
Established in 1989, Mexcor International is a Houston-based importer and distributor of the finest spirits and beverages from around the world. With a mission to elevate and celebrate life through the company’s core values of being all-in, future thinking and people oriented, the family-owned corporation has cultivated relationships with suppliers by building its brands and providing impactful service, innovation and value to customers. With distribution warehouses in Texas, Florida and California, Mexcor International’s reach extends to 50 states and continues to strategically expand and grow into a world-class, Hispanic-owned beverage distribution and import company. For more information, please visit www.mexcor.com, email info@mexcor.com or call 713-979-0066. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.