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A collaboration between Craft Distillers and Cognac’s largest remaining family-owned producer. Surrenne’s eight aging cellars hold extensive stocks of aged distillates that have been maintained pure and unblended. There are four distilleries, including the ancient installation in the chateau of Triac. The home distillery is on the Quai de l’Ile Madame on the banks of the Charente river in Jarnac. Great cognac reflects the land and climate from which its grapes were taken. The bottlings come from specific regions, and we further emphasize their individuality by using cognacs from a particular vintage, or a single distillery, or even an individual cask. Many of these bottlings are unblended, and the rareties are unfiltered.
VSOP: A VSOP whose blend includes cognacs distilled 12 years ago. Deliberately low alcohol content in the distilling wine means deep concentration of flavor. Rich and complex, yet preserving the flowery fruit of younger cognacs. Lightly oaked to display its fundamental quality. “Delicious, fruit-driven artisanal style that displays a long finish” 40% abv.
XO: All the renowned attributes of grande champagne. Amazing full length, deep focused flavors included cognacs from 1974. Tasty pure elegant gold. Good value. 40% abv.
Hip Hop Mogul E40 introduces Tycoon VS. Rich with flavors of butterscotch, vanilla, hints of peach, flowers, and citrus with a long, concentrated finish. Part of Earl Stevens Selections.
Potter’s is produced in California by San Jose based Frank-Lin Distillers. Their proximity to the wineries gives them unprecedented access to some of the finest wines for use in the distillation of Brandy. As a result, this is one of the finest brandies available in the USA.
Mahogany color with reddish brown glints, a rich and finely elegant nose gives way to subtle aromas of oak, violet and jasmine. The light attack is soft and velvety on the palate that develops to stronger notes of vanilla and candied fruit before giving way to flavors of rancio and honey, the mark of venerable cognacs. A very long finish, supported by rare and powerful aromas.
Vielle hails from the Cognac region in France. This exceptional cognac is crafted from grapes and distilled in copper pot stills. A vielle was a medieval fiddle from the Middle Ages. This cognac is as much an artwork as was playing a vielle back then. Savor every sip and let the rich notes dance upon your tastebuds. Composed to be enjoyed slowly and with gusto.
Young, vivacious, natural, fresh, fruity: The Louis Royer VS Cognac will surprise you with its softness. This is the result of the “very special” attention it recieves during its development. To acquire the Cognac appellation and the VS (Very Special) status, the youngest eaux-de-vie used in the blend must be at least two years old. For Luois Royer this limit is merely the beginning. VS has been made with considerably more refined eaux-de-vie.
The XO blend is composed entirely of cognacs coming from the Grande Champagne area, the most prestige sub district. JCB XO Cognac combines all the cahracteristics of the Grande Champagne - distinction, complexity of the aromas and tastes, long flavors with balanced woody impressions. JCB XO is a blend of Cognac aged 38-42 years. The nose expresses mature aromas such as toffee, black chocolate, leather, blond tobacco and hints of white flowers. In the mouth, the XO is very smooth and nicely balanced by the powerful taste of fine and complex tannins. There is an extraordinary length.
Cognac MOISANS VS is a subtle blend of eaux-de-vie aged in new oak barrels for several months and in old barrels for at least two years. A golden color with elegant notes of young eau-de-vie, including jasmine and citrus. With a well-integrated palate to be enjoyed in a long cocktail or as an after-dinner drink.
Cognac MOISANS VSOP is a rigorous selection of eaux-de-vie that are blended, developed, and then aged in oak barrels for at least four years. An amber color with light aromas of vanilla and dried fruit on the nose, a delicate balance on the palate, and a full-bodied finish: everything comes together for a perfect tasting.
We desired to create an iconic distilled spirit made from grapes; of course, the one we can think about: the most noble, aristocratic, French heritage-oriented distilled spirit - is Cognac. Cognac represents ancestry, nobility, respect of the French heritage and the ultimate sensory experience. This cognac is powerful and rich with a distinct aroma of candied orange peels. The natural roundness of the Cognac then covers the strength of the alcohol. Great length and a finish in harmony with the nose. A beautiful Cognac that is typical of very old cognacs of the Grande Champagne Crus.
DOBBÉ Cognac VS (Very Special), the first cognac in the range, will appeal to those who love pure flavours which arouse the senses. Its rich, golden hues reveal a well-developed character containing both floral and fruity notes. Its wonderful aroma of vanilla oak, hazelnuts and dried figs is accompanied by the fragrance of tea. You will be amazed by its warm, intense finish. This young, fresh cognac can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a long drink. San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014 / USA – Silver Medal
DOBBÉ Cognac XO Extra (Extra Old) has rich, velvety flavours and notes of jasmine and candied orange, harmoniously blended with a subtle hint of toasted brioche. With its brilliant mahogany colour, it produces true pleasure and a wealth of aromas from carefully-selected cognacs. It is well balanced and its elegant finish can remain on the palate for up to 15 minutes. This smooth, velvety cognac is a wonderful accompaniment to chocolate desserts (or tarte tatin) and can also be enjoyed more traditionally at the end of a meal.
DOBBÉ Cognac Héritage Petite Champagne is the most noble in the range of cognacs produced by the house of DOBBÉ. Its perfect balance is the result of the decades of experience acquired by the cellar master. Composed of rare eaux-de-vie which give it a deep amber colour, its clear, subtle nose combines woody and fruity notes, complemented by the warm flavours of mocha and cocoa. The power and elegance of this exceptional eau-de-vie give way to delicate hints of dried fruits and candied prunes. This distinguished cognac generates the unique pleasure of an exceptionally long finish. Connoisseurs will enjoy this exceptional product, which will delight the most demanding palates.
Multi-faceted flavors, delicate and elegant. DEAU VSOP is a well-balanced blend of eaux-de-vie from our finest cognac vintages. The nose reveals gourmet aromas of fresh fruit, evolving towards sweet and spicy notes. This elegant VSOP is aged in oak barrels for several years.
Aromatic and delicate, intense, and seductive, DEAU Black Extra is a cognac full of character and passion. Its name, Black, is a reference to the color of the blind tasting glasses used by the cellar masters. Black is a blend of eaux-de-vie mostly from the Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne sub-regions.A floral nose of iris, violet, honeysuckle, and orange blossom. Round on the palate with buttery notes and hints of apricot. Delicious neat, over crushed ice, or mixed with juice, tonic or soda.
Askalon Brandy is smooth and mellow with hints of dried fruit aromas and a lingering finish. This fine aged Brandy is created from hand chosen Trebbiano grapes. It is distilled to focus its flavor, at that point aged for three years in the finest oak barrels where the Brandy builds up its brilliant golden shading.
Aromatic freshness, lively and supple. DEAU VS is made from expertly distilled eaux-de-vie using the traditional Charentais still method. Fresh and intense aromas with a supple finish. Enjoy it in a long drink.
DOBBÉ Cognac VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) is aged in oak barrels and has developed intense, floral notes (violet and rose), as well as delicious hints of apricot jam and vanilla. Its golden yellow colour contains amber hues. This wonderful harmony reveals a delicate, well-balanced cognac which generates a feeling of warmth lasting for several minutes. Thanks to its smooth, long-lasting finish, this delicious cognac can be enjoyed as an aperitif, neat or on the rocks, or in a cocktail. China Wine and Spirits Awards 2015 / CHINA – Double Gold Medal
Richly aromatic, perfect balance. DEAU Napoléon Cigar Blend is a reflection of our Cellar Master's talent and expertise. Aged for a minimum of 6 years, this Napoléon is specially created for aficionados of spirits and cigars. Rich aromas and a remarkable balance.
DEAU XO is a blend of eaux-de-vie mostly from the Petite Champagne and Fins Bois sub-regions, aged in Limousin oak barrels in our cellars. This amber-colored, almost mahogany cognac boasts aromas of jasmine, violet, candied fruit, prune, and cinnamon, with a refined and elegant nose. Oaky and floral notes on the palate blend into a full-bodied, well-balanced finish."
A king’s cognac, Louis Memory is a tribute to Louis Deau, born in 1665 in the Cognac region. Louis Memory is our crown jewel. This blend of exclusively long-aged eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne sub-region is the masterpiece of our family blends. DEAU Louis Memory is impressively aromatic yet subtle, with notes of dried fruit, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and cigar box. Rich and generous on the palate with an exceptionally long finish.